30 Year Fixed Rate Loans

30 Year Fixed Rate Home Loans from Empower Capital Group

Empower Capital Group is pleased to offer a selection of 30 Year Fixed Rate loans for home buyers throughout California. With a long amortization period and a rate that never changes, our 30 Year Fixed Rate mortgages can offer affordable and predictable monthly payments.

If you’re looking for a fixed rate conventional loan in California, Empower Capital Group is here to help you navigate the mortgage process and find a 30 Year Fixed Rate loan that works for your needs and budget. Contact us today for a free rate quote.

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Key Facts About 30 Year Fixed Rate Loans

One of the key benefits of a fixed rate mortgage is that the interest rate will never change. That means, even in a rising rate environment, your mortgage rate is locked in place for the entire life of the loan.

We offer conventional 30 Year Fixed Rate mortgages as well as government-backed loans. While our government-backed loans offer low or zero money down, they have specific restrictions that vary by program. By contrast, conventional mortgages generally require either 20% down, or private mortgage insurance on top of a lower down payment. Conventional mortgages may also require a higher credit score than government loans like VA, FHA and USDA mortgages.

Speak with one of our mortgage professionals to compare the requirements and benefits of conventional vs government fixed rate mortgages.

Just about any type of home can be financed with a 30 Year Fixed Rate mortgage; however, there may be restrictions for government loans. For example, FHA loans are typically not available for investment properties and USDA loans are only available for homes located in certain areas (usually less developed areas outside of city limits).

Because borrowers get 30 years to repay the mortgage, a 30 Year Fixed Rate loan stretches out the balance over a longer period of time, keeping monthly payments low. This may be an ideal arrangement for home buyers who are payment-conscious, or those who want to keep recurring payments low and make additional principal payments whenever they’re able.

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Is a 30 Year Fixed Rate Loan not quite what you’re looking for? We have a wide range of mortgage options available, including Adjustable Rate Mortgages, 15 Year Mortgages, and more. Explore our full line of mortgage programs and connect with one of our mortgage professionals to discover the right loan for your needs.