California USDA Mortgages

Home financing solutions for designated rural areas

At Empower Capital Group, we’re pleased to offer USDA rural housing loans to qualifying home buyers seeking to purchase single family homes in eligible areas of the State of California. USDA mortgages are designed to promote homeownership in rural communities and are geared toward middle and lower income borrowers. Today, USDA home loans, along with VA loans, are the most popular 100% financing solutions in the marketplace.

Rural does not necessarily mean remote! There are plenty of USDA eligible areas on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas. Give us a call today and our mortgage professionals can walk you through the process of determining whether you may qualify and if the property you are interested in is eligible for USDA financing. If you already have a USDA mortgage and are looking to refinance, we can likely help you with that as well.

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Why Consider USDA Financing?

One of the biggest benefits of California USDA rural housing loans is that you may be able to buy a home with little to no money down. The house must also be your primary residence (second/vacation homes and investment properties are ineligible).
We offer some of the most competitive California USDA mortgage rates in marketplace. All of our USDA homes loans are for 30 years and are fixed for the duration of the loan.
With zero downpayment, borrowers can use more of their personal funds to help cover other loan related expenses (i.e. appraisal, survey, title insurance, etc). Plus, USDA rural housing loans may allow for some seller assisted closing cost contributions (contact us for details).
Just because you do not have great credit does not necessarily mean you cannot qualify for a home loan. USDA mortgages offer an outlet for borrowers who may not have perfect credit but can demonstrate the ability to pay their debt obligations on-time. 
You can research if a property is eligible for California USDA rural housing financing here

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