Mendocino County Real Estate Report

Are you considering relocating to or buying investment property in Mendocino County, California? Here’s a look at the local real estate market to help you evaluate home prices, popular neighborhoods and more.

Please note, this information is subject to change and is presented for educational purposes only. Remember to consult a local real estate professional for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Mendocino County.

Mendocino County Listing & Sale Prices

Home to several affluent communities, Mendocino County in California boasts some of the most beautiful homes in the state as well as some of the highest real estate prices. Those who are purchasing homes here are usually looking for a luxurious primary residence, a seaside home-away-from home, or an investment rental property catering to wealthy, long-term tenants.

Although Mendocino County has a plethora of high value homes on the market, there are also homes available in lower price ranges to accommodate mid-level income households and middle class families.

According to data compiled by Trulia, average listing prices in Mendocino County range from $291,200 in the 95454 ZIP code to $2.75 million in the 95494 ZIP code. It’s important to note however that averages can be misleading. It only takes one high value home to affect the average for the entire area. Nevertheless, with several Mendocino County ZIP codes reflecting average listing prices of >$1 million, it’s fairly safe to the majority of homes here are on the higher end of the real estate spectrum.

Still, just because an area has a lot of high-priced real estate doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s selling. According to Trulia, the median sales prices in Mendocino County are generally much lower than average listing prices for their respective ZIP codes. For example, the average listing price for homes in the 95420 ZIP is $1,197,500, but the median sales price for the same ZIP code is less than half of that, at only $570,000. Likewise, some ZIP codes aren’t seeing enough sales activity to reflect a median at all, such as 95468 or 95494, which incidentally are the two ZIP codes with the highest average listing prices at $2,116,999 and $2,750,00, respectively.

Most Popular Mendocino County ZIP Codes

Thinking of buying a home in Mendocino County but not sure where to begin your search? While it’s nearly impossible to go wrong no matter where you look in the beautiful area, here are the top five ZIP codes in Mendocino County, based on Trulia home searches:

95437 – Fort Bragg, CA 

This ZIP code encompasses the community of Fort Bragg and is just north of Mendocino, CA. The median home sales price is $375,600 and the median monthly rent is $900, making it one of the more affordable regions in Mendocino County. Homes on the market here appear to be mostly single family houses of both large and modest sizes, including some really lovely upscale cottages by the seashore.

95482 – Ukiah, CA

This ZIP includes the lovely city of Ukiah, CA, the largest city in Mendocino County and the county seat. Ukiah is a beautifully scenic community that retains a lot of rural space as well as modern conveniences. Homes on the market here include mostly modest-sized single-family homes with a few condos and townhomes available, too. Thinking of building your own brand new home? Ukiah has some lovely vacant lots available with views of nearby mountain ridges. The median sales prices for homes here is $352,000 and the median rent per month is $1,050, making it another of the more affordable areas in Mendocino County.

95490 – Willits, CA

Willits, CA is a community located 20 miles north-northwest of Ukiah and is part of the area known as the “Gateway to the Redwoods.” This area has a median home sales price of $260,000 and a median rent price of $1,500 per month. There aren’t a great deal of homes available for sale in this area, with Trulia only sowing 92 results across all home types (house, condo, townhome, multi-family, mobile/manufactured). However, there appears to be a diverse range of vacant lots for sale, ranging in price from $4,000 to $1.65 million.

95460 – Mendocino, CA

The city of Mendocino has one of the most popular affluent real estate markets in the area. Homes here have a median sales price of $1,150,000 and the median monthly rent is $2,000. Homes in this ZIP code reflect the higher prices, with many of them boasting ocean views and sprawling lots. Even small homes in this area are typically priced well above $400,000, so don’t be shocked to pay somewhere around $375/square foot.

95445 – Gualala, CA

Surrounded by thick redwood forests and flanked by the Pacific on the west, Gualala is an unincorporated community in Mendocino County located about 50 miles south of Mendocino. Homes here have a median sales price of $322,500 and a median rent of $1,950 per month. The majority of homes in this area appear to be single-family homes between 1,100 and 2,500 square feet; however, the tiny house movement has apparently taken root in Gualala, as there are even a few homes on the market with less than 900 square feet!

Finding a Mortgage in Mendocino County

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